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Defamation Law – Part I

The internet has radically changed the nature of defamation law.  While it was once a specialized subject left to media lawyers it is now a topic on which most internet lawyers have to advise.  Internet defamation is, however, dramatically different from more traditional defamation cases.

Comments made on the internet can be instantly and indefinitely accessible

Reputation Marketing

More than ever, reputation marketing is the key to building successful businesses. When a customer interacts with you online, the experience defines who you are, how you operate, and how you’re different from competitors.

Invest in your reputation and realize it’s full potential!

Where two products are similar, often chosen is the expensive brand based on the

Reputation Marketing
Reputation Marketing involves both search engine marketing and search engine optimization. Using proprietary systems, we help you revise and enhance search engine results as our confidential client.

If you, your business, a friend or associate are receiving destructive and disparaging search engine results causing loss of revenue or embarrassment, contact us to find out how we can

Quality of Service Guarantee

Gadook guarantees that we will follow published online optimization best practices and standards, and that the quality of our service meets or exceeds published reputation management standards.

We always adhere to the American Marketing Association Code of Ethics.

Gadook will never intentionally violate the Google Terms of Service or any information presented in Google Information for Webmasters, Yahoo! Terms

Expanding Your Reputation Through Article Marketing

A positive reputation is a priceless asset to any business. The loyalty of a small group of customers is nice, but generally not enough to bolster sales and keep food on the table. As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for new ways to reach a greater number of people.

There are a million ways to get

What is your Online Reputation?

So, you spend time, money and effort ensuring the reputation of your company is exactly what you want it to be. But, have you considered your online reputation?

Online Reputation Marketing is becoming a buzz phrase in the online world as companies realise the damage that can be done to their reputation at the click of a

Credibility: Hard to Achieve – Easy to Lose

There have been many studies on credibility in life and particularly in management. It seemed like an interesting topic to read and reflect on. I am not going into a huge diatribe merely making a few observations.

In this world we live and die by our credibility. It takes years to build up a

Free Reputation Marketing – How To do it Yourself
Author: Dustin Woodard
Reputation Marketing is increasingly important as more and more friends, family and employers search your name. Even if you are always on your best behavior online or you have a fairly unique name, as the population swells and more people become creators of content on the web, there’s a great chance that

Invasion of Privacy? New Precedents Set For Online Right To Publicity

Reputation Marketing Privacy By Kathryn Carrado.

Complaint boards, blog postings, community connecting sites, and individual web sites can be used to post a variety of useful information; but unfortunately they can also be abused to post false or even libelous statements about individuals and businesses.

With search engine technology that is now


In order to stem the proliferation of confusing “complaint” driven domain names, many large companies (or their marketing/advertising firms) are registering or buying domain names critical of the company mark. Many companies will register the following variations on complaint sites:,,,,, and

In addition, a whole market has popped up for



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